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Super City – Free Keys Halloween – 28th Oct

Super City – Free Keys Halloween – 28th Oct

Howdy everyone acknowledge each one of you are fine, Well today i’m going to offer you a most adulated new fervor’s favors so here we have Supercity superbucks which is most noticeable now a days as it builds up their customers composed people like this distraction likewise, So keep give this beguilement to your mates as it is another most fundamental social delight. Here we have its enrichments which are thoroughly free so total things from underneath.

Dear Mayor, Are you done meeting your SuperCity new neighbors!? Play now and Get your SuperCity Bonus now!

Take after these advancements to get SuperCity SuperBucks!

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There are 4 ways to get Scary keys:

  1. Complete the quests and get 12 keys in total.

    No timers! You can get keys during the ‘Magic chests’ offer only.
    Reward: 12 keys in total (4 keys for each stage)

    Scary keys I
    – Collect 45 Backpacks (Summer House)
    – Grow 35 crops of Corn (Farm)
    – Collect 40 pairs of Shoes (Shoe Shop)

    Scary keys II
    – Collect 35 Peacock feathers (Stationery shop)
    – Collect 21 Sprigs of Rosemary (Greengrocer’s shop)
    – Collect 9 Inks (drop 3 at a time – School)

    Scary keys III
    – Collect 8 Sorcerer’s hats (Textile factory – Velvet)
    – Collect 9 Memory drinks (Drugstore)
    – Collect 12 Magic wands (ask friends)

  2. Collect profits from the following City Sights:

    – Pyramid (1-2 keys every 24h),
    – Tokyo Tower (1-2 keys every 24h),
    – Panic Room (2-3 keys every 24h),
    – Ferris Wheel (2-4 keys every 24h),
    – Panic Room (2-3 keys every 24h),
    – Belgian Town Hall (3-4 every 24h),
    – Thousand Skull Mansion (1-2 every 6h),
    – London clocks (1-2 keys every 4h).

  3. Open the superbucks’ chests and get up to 10 keys for each.
  4. Use the sale offer and buy some keys with superbucks:




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