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PUBG Trick#2 Standing on a Door and Hide

PUBG Trick #2 Standing on a Door and Hide


Hello, Everyone today i am going to tell you about pubg Secret Trick. This Trick is very helpful for you to kill enemies without knowing them who’s the killer… yoo

so let’s start

Step 1 :

Find house which has balcony then open the balcony door like The image below

Step 2:

Tell your teammate that he/she should stand on the other side of the door with bare hands. Like the image below.

Step 3:

Now you should stand on the front of the door with bare hands, like the image below.

Step 4:

Now jump… Booom!!!

You’re standing on the door. you can kill any enemy without knowing them whose the killer.. you can see anything but no one can see you, below, first picture shows you how you see enemies and 2nd image shows, you how you will look like, when enemy see you.




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