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About us


About us

WoogaMaster.com is fan site of Social Games. We provide all those information that you need to play your Social Games.

What we do?

Website itself explain lot of things, but we are here to provide you more details about our website. WoogaMaster.com actually fetch data from different Social Games fan pages on daily basis. There are lot of things that you need to play your game, life daily dose of gifts, XP, Power, Coins, Cash etc.

What Games Do We Cover?

Games are listed below that we cover on daily basis.

  1. Monster World
  2. Pearl`s Peril
  3. Bingo Blitz
  4. Bingo Bash
  5. FarmVille
  6. Diamond Dash
  7. Bubble Island
  8. ChefVille
  9. Hidden Shadows
  10. CoasterVille

These are the games that we cover daily basis. On our website we also share tips & tricks of all these games.


If you have any question please feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected]