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FarmVille 2 – So Fond-of-ue

FarmVille 2 – So Fond-of-ue Valentine’s Day is coming next month, so get ready for par pose of Barbara because she has something new. Barbara want to make sure the mood at BAR B Q very nice and romantic. so let’s Make some & Invite your friends and share with …

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Farmville 2 – Dote on a Mini Goat

Farmville 2 – Dote on a Mini Goat This Baby Mini Goat has been sustaining on anything it can reach. It’s entirely inquisitive and lively. How about we quiet her down before she bites on everybody’s yields. In the event that she takes a getting a kick out of the …

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Farmville 2 – It’s snowing Snowdrops

Farmville 2 – It’s snowing Snowdrops The exact time of plant growing  is winter. Basically this is a snowing snowdrops , Items  are limited but available in general store so don’t waste your time, So you should connect with us it’s very helpful for you because we are providing updates, news of …

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FarmVille 2 – Winter Gala Shack

FarmVille 2 – Winter Gala Shack It’s the ideal opportunity for Wintry Wonders! Is it accurate to say that you are prepared for the County’s most energizing Winter Gala? We will hold a wide range of fun exercises and win great prizes. So how about we begin! In the event …

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Farmville – Farmville Unreleased Items

Farmville – Farmville Unreleased Items Baby Christmas Moose     Santa’s Elf Horse   Santa’s Elf Horse Foal Leaf Wing Pegasus Leaf Wing Pegasus Foal Vine Pegasus Vine Pegasus Foal Ogre Boar Pig Ornamental Crop Jungle Spring Jacuzzi Winter Snow Woman Giant Red Vein Tree Red Vein Tree Giant Winter …

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