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PUBG Trick#3 Hide Inside The Bus

PUBG Trick Hide Inside The Bus


Hello, Everyone today i am going to tell you about pubg Secret Trick. This Trick is very helpful for you to kill enemies without knowing them who’s the killer… yoo

so lets start

Step 1 :

Find Frag “bomb” any type of bomb you can use.

Step 2 :

Find a Bus Like the picture below. There is so many buses like this in Erangel Map so you can easily find one. Specially when the circle is very small so you can hide yourself and kills enemies easily.

Step 3 :

On the right side of bus there are Windows. That’s your place to blast your bomb like stand on the very first backside corner of bus, select bomb, select Low Toss mode and then by taking back-steps release bomb. Like i did in the picture below.


you’re inside the bus… 😀 now you’re totally hidden and no one kill you but you can kill any enemy outside the bus. Enemy can’t kill you even can’t see you but you can see and kill. check the images below.


To return to the previous position repeat step 3 inside the bus and then release bomb.

Watch video guide




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