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What We Do

We are not selling any game’s items or not dealing in any purchases or never ask our players to buy items from us.
What we do is we share your games free gifts to our platform and then once we make post of your game free items, which you have shared on your social platform, we just collect it and upload its link to our platform and after that people come and get these free items, and more we share you game to our millions of user this is how you game gets more famous.
How we promote your game freely,
once we upload your games posts on our platform than after that we share you game to similar games groups and pages and other social networks.
Let suppose your game category is slots games now what we do we will play your game and send request to thousands of players daily this is how people will play your game and gets addictive after that, we share your game to its similar games groups so people get share your games too.
This is our work so if you have any question please ask. [email protected]
If you want to send us DMCA Please send us mail at [email protected]
Please Take back your complaint from Facebook and other, because we have gathered your user to our pages and we always post and call user towards your game.

You Can Check our each post every link send our viewers to your game.