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2x Cash – Pearl’s Peril – 19th March

2x Cash – Pearl’s Peril

Hi everyone as you know we every day we have new story about the day means what was the specialty on that day 19th March,1981 U.S.A. Richard E. Burke 19th March, 1981: Richard E. Burke, an aid to Senator Edward M. Kennedy admitted that a series of death threats he claimed were not true. About a month prior to this date, Burke had told Secret Service men as well as the Washington D.C. police and FBI that he was almost hit with a bullet while leaving his house.
Additionally, Burke claimed that a burglar carrying a butcher knife entered his home. This intruder was said to have narrowly escaped after being stopped by a security alarm. Burke resigned as of this date (March 19, 1981). His major reason for stepping down from his position was because the activities of the most recent campaign had stressed him out.
Furthermore, the reorganization of the office had affected him negatively. Soon after this, action was to be taken to determine if Burke would be charged of giving false information to officers.

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