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3x Cash – Pearl’s Peril – 31st March 2015

3x Cash – Pearl’s Peril

Hi everyone as you know every day we have new story about the day means what was the speciality on that day 30th March,
1990 England Poll Tax Demonstrations 31st March, 1990 : The worst violence seen so far in the series of Anti Poll Tax demonstrations erupted in London during the largest rally when nearly 100,000 people take to the streets in protest at the new government levy. More than 400 were arrested and property was damaged with repairs estimated at £400,000 after the demonstration .
The Poll Tax ( Community Charge ) was introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in 1989 (Scotland) and 1990 (England and Wales) and was a single flat rate per person tax on every working adult, at a rate set by the local authority. It was designed to replace the rating system of taxes ( which was based on valuation and rent value ) to fund local government. The tax was believed by many to move the tax burden from the rich to the poor, under earlier local taxes ( Rateable Value “Rates” ) those who owned the largest and most expensive property paid the most but under “Poll Tax” the tax was moved to the number of people living in the house.
The Poll Tax was formally abolished in 1993 /1994 with the new The Council Tax which resembled the old rating system that the Poll Tax had replaced.

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