3X Woogoo – Monster World – 15th Jan

Monster World – 3x Woogoo Free

Hi everyone, Today is 15th Jan and you know what happened on that day, U.S. 1936 U.S.A. Ford Foundation Jan. 15th, 1936 : Henry Ford, the owner of the Ford Motor Company had established the Ford Foundation, a non-profit group. Part of the intention of setting up the Ford Foundation was to ensure that his family was able to take over the family fortune after he passed away.
However, this foundation created by Ford also had reached out in many ways to the community. For instance, the Ford Foundation played a part in promoting population control and famine prevention. This company also supported the arts, educational media, and world peace.

Greetings, Here is your daily dose of your social game MonsterWorld. Collect your Free woogoo  for Monster World game from below link and enjoy your game with this free gift. Also, please appreciate our effort by sharing this post with your friends & family members. It take lot of time & effort to execute data from different places, and put it at one place.

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3x Woogoo From Below Image

monster world free gifts 3

When we shared it then this gift will be valid for next 3 days from the day. you can claim it once & Must say thank you when you get gift.

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