3X Woogoo – Monster World – 16th Jan

3X Woogoo – Monster World

Hi everyone, Today is 16th January  and you know what happened on that day, Panama 1942 Panama Canal US Lends $20,000,000 Jan. 16th, 1942 : The United States took two steps towards the defense of the Panama Canal and Central America on this day. One of the actions that the United States took to help the Panama and Central America area was that of lending them $20,000,000. The purpose of the money loaned to Central America/Panama was to help speed up the process of the Pan-American Highway that had been started. This highway is the piece of land that leads to the Canal. The second action taken by the United States was also financial. The U.S. had lent $500,000 to Costa Rica to help that country build an army of its own. Costa Rica was the first country to declare war on Japan after the attack of Pearl Harbor

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