3X Woogoo – Monster World – 18th Jan

3X Woogoo – Monster World 16th jan

Hi everyone, Today is 18th January  and you know what happened on that day, 1918 U.S.A. Eighteenth Amendment Jan. 18th, 1918 : Certain advocacy groups were working towards overturning the decision of the Senate to pass the Eighteenth amendment to the Constitution. This amendment was passed in the year 1917, and it outlawed the sale, transportation, and manufacturing of alcohol in the United States. By 1920, this law had came into affect.
This law was very unpopular, however. Therefore as of this day (January 18) in 1918 it was announced in a local Connecticut newspaper that the hope was to elect enough people in Congress in favor of repealing the Eighteenth Amendment.
The first order of business was to petition for the return of light beers and wines. At this time, no effort was being made to push for placing whiskey or other types of hard liquor back on the market.

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