3X Woogoo – Monster World – 23rd Jan

3X Woogoo – Monster World

Hi everyone, Today is 23rd January  and you know what happened on that day, U.S. 1937 U.S.A. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jan. 23rd, 1937: Franklin D. Roosevelt was a baseball fan most of his life (among other things). Therefore, he wrote a letter with enthusiasm to the Baseball Writer’s Association, which was to be read at a dinner sponsored by this organization.
The letter that Roosevelt had sent was addressed to James Dawson. The purpose of it was to compliment the sports’ writers who had worked hard at that time to stir sportsmanship and enthusiasm in America. Find Out More on our History of Baseball Page.
In fact, Baseball was considered one of the forms of escape after the bout of the Great Depression. This was one sport that could be enjoyed despite economic woes.

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