3X Woogoo – Monster World – 31st Jan

3X Woogoo – Monster World

Hi everyone, Today is 31st January  and you know what happened on that day, Argentina 1972 Argentina Robbery Jan. 31st, 1972 : On this date, the police hunted for terrorist robbery suspects to no avail. A total of 14 armed terrorists had held up the National Development Bank for over a period of eight hours on the weekend prior to this hunt.
The group that admitted to the terrorist crime described above was the Trotskyite People’s Revolutionary Army. According to the press, it is also documented that the Trotskyite Army also confessed to having run off with $450,000 dollars for the purpose of furthering their revolution.
The robbery guerrillas also seemingly bragged about the fact that they stole documents which prove that bourgeois sectors have committed fraud.

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