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8 Ball Pool – How to get free coins.

Get free coins in 8 Ball Pool

A best aspect concerning 8 Ball Pool is testing your companions. Whether its somebody you’ve known, all things considered, for quite a long time, or somebody you’ve played numerous times online however never met, having a benevolent diversion with acquaintances is an impact. Anyway, if that wasn’t sufficient, we’ve included another highlight that makes having huge amounts of companions in 8 Ball Pool considerably more key than some time recently. Give us a chance to present “gifting”.


Gifting will permit you to send a bundle of free coins to each and every one of your Facebook companions once every day. These coins are not taken from your current aggregate – they are totally free for you and your companions. The sum you send is haphazardly created, so a few companions may get more fortunate than other!

Thus, each and every individual who has you on their Facebook companions rundown can send you a free blessing once a day. When you get sent a blessing, you’ll have the capacity to furnish a proportional payback on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. Make loads of companions and send them a blessing consistently, and you’ll receive stacks consequently!

Keep in mind: the coins you send are not taken out of your equalization! Sending and getting blessings are both TOTALLY FREE.


Sending and accepting blessings is simple. You’ll see another blessing catch on the 8 Ball Pool landing page. Press it and you’ll have the choice of either sending coins or asking for them from others. At that point you can pick who to send to/demand from, or basically squeeze “all” to do as such for all your Facebook companions. Basic! You’ll be advised at whatever point you have gotten coins yourself.

Gifting will be going to the versatile form of 8 Ball Pool in a couple of days, and the web form two or three weeks after that. Make the greatest number of companions as you can and appreciate free blessings each and every day!


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