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A Virus Named Tom – Releasing soon

A Virus Named Tom – Releasing soon

Dr X brought the world the city of Tomorrow: with robot mutts, and houses that clean themselves. MegaTech quickly terminated him when the last chrome block was laid. Be that as it may, Dr X has one last creation, a little infection named Tom. Help this little beast take the city of Tomorrow back to the Stone Age by creating outright disorder all through the city.

A Virus Named Tom is an activity puzzler. The riddle originates from revamping circuits to spread the infection. The activity originates from evading against infection automatons while doing it. It’s one of the few riddle diversions out there where you can play co-operatively (with up to 3 companions). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you feel burnt out on cooperating, there is a fight mode where you can tackle your companions to see who is the incomparable infection.

a virus named tom

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