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Agent Alice – Agents are you ready for the next mystery?

Agent Alice – Agents are you ready for the next mystery?

Specialists would you say you are prepared for the following riddle? What will Alice experience this time? The current week’s fresh out of the box new scene Las Arañas is now sitting tight for you

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2010 Canada Canada will not be making its national anthem more gender-inclusive 5th March, 2010 : Canada has dropped the proposals to make the country’s national anthem more gender-inclusive. The government had originally said it was open to changing O Canada’s ‘in all thy sons command’ back to the original version of ‘thou dost in us command.’ Opposition Liberals have said that the proposed change was merely a gimmick and has proved that the ruling Conservatives were not serious about women’s rights. Public outcry was so strong that the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, dropped the idea.

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