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Agent Alice – Hey Agents, join me on Wiki!

Agent Alice – Hey Agents, join me on Wiki!

Hey Agents, go along with me on Wiki! What’s Wiki you ask? It’s a spot where you can figure out about the cases we examined and settled, information about my collaborators and there’s even a gathering where you can examine the diversion with different specialists.

History information

Hi everyone, Today is 15th march  and you know what happened on that day, 1919 France The American Legion 15th March, 1919: The American Legion has it’s first meeting in Paris with about 1,000 officers and enlisted men attended to decide the organizations name. The next meeting takes place in St. Louis, Missouri two months later. The Legion served as a supportive group, a social club and a type of extended family for former service men and women and was also instrumental in creating the U.S. Veterans’ Bureau, now known as the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Agent Alice - Hey Agents, join me on Wiki!

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