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Agent Alice – Sneak Peek Friday

Agent Alice – Sneak Peek Friday

Today on Sneak Peek Friday: you will have the opportunity to meet some extremely intriguing future characters. This is one of them! What do you believe, would he say he is a decent or terrible gentleman?

Hi Everyone trust all of you are great, today is 20th walk and you realize what was unique on that day, 1991 Saudi Arabia American Jet Fighter shoots down an Iraqi Su-22 20th March, 1991: American troops operating a jet fighter shot down an Iraqi Su-22 warplane. The Iraqi plan was in operation after an unofficial cease-fire agreement was made.
President George Bush, Sr. was seemingly supportive of America’s decision to shoot down the Su-22. He even warned Iraqis that it could happen again, although at the time Bush did not think it was likely. This was the first known incident of attack since the agreement to discontinue fighting took place three weeks prior to this date.

Agent Alice - Sneak Peek Friday

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