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Alice is now also on Instagram!

Alice is now also on Instagram!

Alice is currently additionally on Instagram! Tail her to see sneak looks of the amusement, selective reviews and off camera photographs of the Agent Alice group. At the point when the diversion dispatches on February 26th keep in mind to impart your own photographs utilizing the #AgentAlice hashtag!

Additional news for knowledge seekers.

Hi everyone, Today is 19th feb and you know what happened on that day, Germany 1938 Germany Hitler Speech Feb. 19th, 1938 : This was a day of extreme tension and anxiety in Berlin, Germany. On this day, Hitler gave a much-anticipated speech, which was delivered to the third Reich (Nazi Germany Government).
This was the beginning of the start of the expansion of the Nazi regime, which later resulted in the occurrence of World War II (for Americans, 1939-1945). The Third Reich was originally formed some time in 1933.
Adolph Hitler was the Chancellor of this regime, which was very totalitarian and fascist in nature. He strived to fulfill the message that “his” race (The Germans) were superior, and he lead campaigns to eliminated various racial, religious, and political groups such as the following: Jews, Africans, Romanis (a.k.a. Romas, Gypsies), Lutherans, and anti-communists.

Alice is now also on Instagram! <== Follow Agent Alice!

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