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ArchLord II – Releasing soon

ArchLord II – Releasing soon

Being the profound successor to the first amusement, Archlord II is situated in a parallel universe after the fall of the first Archlord and narratives the endless clash that destroys the universe of Chantra. The Archlord was an unfading champion of the divine beings, tasked with ensuring their creation, yet he was undermined by his own energy and everlasting life. At long last, he rose up against the divine beings themselves and turned into the “Ruler of Chaos”. To reestablish harmony, the divine beings made another champion and another gatekeeper species to restrict the strengths of insidiousness. After numerous fights, the Lord of Chaos was at long last vanquished and cast into the Abyss. Despite the fact that the malice had been crushed and ousted, the battle was not over. The divine beings slept in their castle, while the Lord of Chaos plotted and conspired in the profundities of his fiendish jail. Then, the Archlord and the new species the divine beings had made started to settle the universe of Chantra and built up their own special human advancement.

archlord 2

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