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Bingo Blitz – Earn double Total Rewards

Bingo Blitz – Earn double Total Rewards

For a restricted time just, procure DOUBLE Total Rewards Social Status Points when you level up or buy!

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Howdy everybody, Today is 24th April 2015 and you recognize what happened on that day, Bangladesh 2013 Bangladesh Building Collapse in Dhaka Kills Many24th April, 2013 : Over one-thousand individuals were executed and more than 2,500 individuals were harmed as an aftereffect of the Rana Plaza building fall in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A few industrial facilities were housed in the complex where breaks had been discovered already. In spite of the development code infringement evident in the building, proprietors had educated laborers not to stress concerning it and proceed with function as ordinary.

Bingo Blitz - Earn double  Total Rewards

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