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Bingo Blitz – Free coins – 23rd Feb

Bingo Blitz – Free coins

Hello Everyone hope you all are good, today is 23rd feb and you know what was special on that day ?France 1920 France France To Hand Over Colonies For War Debts Monday, Feb. 23rd, 1920 : On this day, a proposal was made by France to hand over colonies to the U.S. They were in the process of considering this because they needed to pay off some war debts. A map was printed in a local Oklahoma newspaper, indicating which territories the U.S. may acquire. If the French were to follow through with their offer to the U.S. at this time, the United States would own the following: The Miquelon Islands (on Newfoundland coast), West Indian Islands (Guadeloupe and Martinique), and French Guiana. Great Britain was also to receive some land for similar reasons. They would for sure receive French Somaliland (at the entrance of Red Sea) and possibly Madagascar. It was undecided which country would receive French Indo-China.

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