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Bingo Blitz – Free Credit – 24th Feb 2015

Bingo Blitz – Free Credit

Howdy everybody, Today is 24th Feb 2015 and you recognize what happened on that day, U.S.1920 U.S.A. Atlantic Flight Race Tuesday, Feb. 24th, 1920 : It was announced on this day that fliers from 18 different nations are planning to participate in an Atlantic Flight race. The first place winner of this race was to receive $100,000. The plan was to start the fliers off from either New York or Atlantic City. From one of these points, the fliers would head south towards Cuba Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the across the Caribbean Sea to Caracas, and then to Permambuco. After that, they would then fly across the Atlantic to Dakar, then along the western coast of Africa. After that they would head northward and will pass Magador and Casa Blanca. From there, the flight will head across either Spain or Portugal to Biarritz, and then to the French Coast and the London Channel. The return trip planned would be straight across the Atlantic Ocean.

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