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Bingo Blitz – Free Power UPS – 13th March 2015

Bingo Blitz – Free Power UPS

Welcome, Here is your day by day measurements of your social diversion Bingo Blitz. 1961 UK Spy Ring 13th March, 1961: Three men and two women go on trial at the Old Bailey charged with plotting to pass official secrets to the Russians breaking the Official Secrets Act. The trial of the accused known as the Portland Spy Ring ( because they all worked in and around the Portland area with some of the accused working as civil servants at the Underwater Weapons Establishment in Dorset ) lasted about two weeks. One of the things they were selling the Russians included the plans HMS Dreadnought, Britain’s first nuclear submarine. The five accused were Gordon Lonsdale, Henry Houghton, Peter Kroger, Helen Kroger, and Ethel Gee .
They were all found guilty and sentenced to terms up to 20 years .

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Bingo Blitz - Free Power UPS 8th October  2014
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