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Criminal Case – Congrats to 3 lucky winners

Criminal Case – Congrats to 3 lucky winners

Well done to our 3 fortunate victors – Carroll Walker, Anna Archontaki and Anirban Aryan Sanyal – who all effectively discovered 7 Grenades! You now have 50,000 EXTRA COINS sitting tight for you in your Inventory

Additional History Information

Hi everyone as you know we every day we have new story about the day means what was the speciality on that day 21st April, 1989 China Student Protest Tiananmen Square 21st April 1989 : 100,000 understudies accumulate at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to honor Hu Yaobang the ousted change minded pioneer of the Chinese Communist Party and voice their discontent with China’s definitive socialist government. This was the start of the mass showings in Tiananmen Square, Beijing preceding the Chinese Government proclaiming military law in May of that year which prompted the June Massacres by Chinese troops slaughtering several demonstrators and capturing a huge number of nonconformists and other suspected dissenters. Find More What happened in 1989

Criminal Case - Congrats to  3 lucky winners 21st April

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