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Diamond Dash – Free Coins – 17th feb

Diamond Dash – Free Coins

Hello Everyone hope you all are good, today is 17th feb and you know what was special on that day, 1979 Vietnam China Invades Feb. 17th, 1979 : As of the Vietnam War was not enough, the country of China had invaded Vietnam during this year, on this date. Tensions between these two countries had increased dramatically since the end of the Vietnam War. A major reason for the increased animosity between these two nations was because of the strengthening of the ties between Vietnam and the Soviet Union (China’s enemy at the time). The Invasion of Vietnam by China was in reaction to an invasion of Cambodia initiated by Vietnam. The worst and bloodiest of fighting occurred within the first nine days of this battle. However, these countries remained cold towards one another for ten years after this fierce battle. China invaded Vietnam with 90,000 troops supported by tanks, the invasion was short lived and China withdrew from Vietnam within 1 month.

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Diamond Dash - Free Coins - 17th feb
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