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Donut County – Releasing soon

Donut County – Releasing soon

Who is eating up Donut County? It’s you! Play as a secretive developing opening in this physical science enterprise amusement. Doughnut County is an unusual physical science toy that investigates negative space by giving players control more than a gap in the ground. Each time you swallow something, the gap grows a tad bit greater. Play with the characters and items (all determined by material science) to eat up everything in the scene, join objects for astonishing impacts, and illuminate baffles by jump starting protests retreat!

The diversion bases on a high school young lady working at Donut County, a Los Angeles roused espresso mug-molded doughnut shop. One day the young lady gets a secretive conveyance from a few raccoons: a case of overpowering doughnuts that open gaps all around the area.

donut county

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