Emperor Legend

Emperor Legend, the Best Sango SLG Game You Have Never Played

Sovereign Legend, a just took the ribbon off new Three-Kingdom Period based online recreation system versatile diversion with fragile design, amusement playing and story line at last comes to players! As an on-line reproduction technique amusement however distinctive with its partners, the Emperor Legend runs with pleasant gaming background.

Emperor Legend, the Best Sango SLG Game You Have Never Played


Genuine & Fresh Historical Dungeons

Wealthier than at any other time in recent memory, the Emperor Legend peculiarities foundation of the Three-Kingdom Period of China, imitating the historical backdrop of individuals experiencing confusion and warlordism, and history in dire need of solidarity. What’s more you will experience verifiably well known fights, for example, Battle of Red Cliffs and Battle of Yi Ling, to battle against more than a huge number of characters and players online to grow your property and feel intelligence and methodology of chronicled celebrated commanders and advocate like the holy person of war, Guan Yu (Kuan Kung) and hunkering winged serpent, Zhuge Liang.

Emperor Legend, 1

Exceptional Research and Develop System

In the Emperor Legend, diverse war advances covering military, exchange, show asset, weapon and so forth, holding up for you to research and create, by which you may get sudden fabulous abnormal state weapon and profitable asset. Like in a genuine nation, you go about as a nation pioneer as well as a strategist, will appreciate funs to adventure and create flame broil ground, business, garisson huts, farmland, business sector, organization and so forth. What’s more preparing saint, enrollment, watch and exchanging and so forth will give you a chance to turn into an exhaustive ruler driving state undertakings regardless of how enormous or insignificant.


Different Individualized Heroes

Not just Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang, the Emperor Legend covers very nearly all popular commanders, warlords, counsels, marvels and so on of the Three-Kingdom Period. Saints in Emperor Legend own rich and different traits with such a variety of diverse exceptional aptitudes, and saint sending in distinctive clusters will provide for you startling impact and amaze in combat zone. Furthermore you gonna likewise appreciate fight battling by arrangement of a wide mixture of expertise and strategies of saints in Emperor Legend. Also, legends in Emperor Legend get variably official position and occupation, which aids you to accomplish more triumphs and let you encounter all the more genuine character and acknowledge more potential outcomes!


Incredible Battle System

Head Legend stacked with bounteous units of armed force with distinctive aptitudes, exhibits of different diverse level for the fight to come, and you can join the incredible corps war, even as a corps pioneer, to battle against various adversary players with your companion players together for higher accomplishments. When you become solid, you can much overcome different players specifically, grab their asset, associate them and acknowledge their tribute, being a genuine head. Furthermore foes, you additionally get opportunities to possess the nonpartisan urban communities effortlessly for better state improvement. Moreover, the enclosure and the arena where numerous elites assemble are energizing spots to demonstrate your quality as well, in which you can thrashing experts in stadium or win 64 matches in the coliseum to lift your rank.


Obviously, other than peculiarities over, the Emperor Legend gets numerous other intriguing focuses like saint thing framework, trial tower, obscure shop, asset battle and so forth, and every one of those are holding up for your joining!

Resistance or assault, achievement or disappointment, that is all up to you! Join Emperor Legend to overcome the new world and accomplish your new legend!

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