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Farmville 2 – It’s snowing Snowdrops

Farmville 2 – It’s snowing Snowdrops

The exact time of plant growing  is winter. Basically this is a snowing snowdrops , Items  are limited but available in general store so don’t waste your time, So you should connect with us it’s very helpful for you because we are providing updates, news of all games, also share your thoughts about games. and share your favorite items by commenting on this posts Thanks !

Limited tress Edition:

Tree Heirloom Chilean Hazel  – 22 Farm Bucks
Tree Heirloom Rainbow Shower  – 21 Farm Bucks
Heirloom Ceylon Satinwood – 22 Farm Bucks
Tree Rainbow Shower  – 12 Farm Bucks
Tree Chilean Hazel  – 13 Farm Bucks
Ceylon Satinwood – 13 Farm Bucks

Limited edition Animals :

Cow Baby Welsh Black  – 30 Farm Bucks
Cow Welsh Black Cow – 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Arapawa Sheep – 20 Farm Bucks
Arapawa Sheep – 33 Farm Bucks
Mountain Donkey – 43 Farm Bucks
Horse Blood Bay Paso Fino – 43 Farm Bucks
Baby Mountain Donkey – 30 Farm Bucks
Baby Blood Bay Paso Fino Horse – 30 Farm Bucks

Crops Limited Edition :

Snowdrop – 48 Coins, used in Recipes.

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:

Chilean Hazelnut Ganache – Chilean Hazel + Batter, sells for 3860 Coins
Chilean Hazelnut Biscotti – Chilean Hazel + Dough, sells for 3940 Coins
Chilean Hazelnut Oil – Chilean Hazel + Olive Oil, sells for 3830 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:

Snowdrop Vintage Bucket – Snowdrop + Horseshoe, sells for 2380 Coins
Snowdrop Sack Wall Hanging – Snowdrop + Metal Sheet, sells for 2450 Coins
Rainbow Shower Wreath – Rainbow Shower + White Feather Wreath, sells for 3970 Coins

 Farmville 2 - It's snowing Snowdrops


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