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FarmVille 2 – So Fond-of-ue

FarmVille 2 – So Fond-of-ue

Valentine’s Day is coming next month, so get ready for par pose of Barbara because she has something new. Barbara want to make sure the mood at BAR B Q very nice and romantic. so let’s Make some & Invite your friends and share with them. We’ll have an excellent Baby Amiatina Donkey as a prize.

On the off chance that you are level 15, the “So Fond-of-ue!” popup will show up. Click on the “Assemble Fondue Vat!” catch to start this element.

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 1

To begin fabricating the Fondue Vat, accumulate every one of the materials required.

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 2

At that point, welcome your companions to be your developers or contract them

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 3

When it’s set, this is the manner by which your Fondue Vat would resemble

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 4

Click on the Fondue Vat to see the menu:

FarmVille 2 So Fond-of 7ue

Gather Chocolate Hearts keeping in mind the end goal to get the prizes from the Fondue Vat. One approach to gather Chocolate Hearts is by making delicious Chocolate Fondue.

FarmVille 2 So Fond-of 7ue

Note: Each Chocolate Fondue rewards you with a particular number of Chocolate Hearts.

There are three chocolate fondue that you can make:

Pears in Syrup: 8 Rose Myrtles + 6 Pears

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 8

Swiss Cheesecake: 6 Swiss cheddar + 2 Cupcake Molds

FarmVille 2 So Fond-of ue

Frothing Chocolate: 6 Milks + 3 Milk Fr others

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 9

Once the Chocolate Fondue is ready, invite your friends by clicking the “Invite” button and your friends will leave Chocolate Hearts after tasting your tasty Chocolate Fondue.

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 112

Gather the greatest number of Chocolate Hearts as you can and recover marvelous prizes! Get the wonderful Baby Amiantina Donkey and 10 Favors as your last compensates!

FarmVille 2 - So Fond-of-ue 113

So what are you sitting tight for? How about we make some wonderful Chocolate Fondue and offer it with our companions!


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