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FarmVille Go Skating Quest

FarmVille Go Skating Quest

Meet Svetlana, a universal genius Ice Skater in FarmVille Go Skating Quests. She need presents for the members of the World Skating Festival and would like us to tag along and help her.

In this FarmVille Quests, there will be 9 formulas to made utilizing 20 sorts of bushels. 4 of them will be created at the Bakery Guide, 3 at the Spa and 2 at the Winery. We effectively recorded them here so you can set them up ahead

FarmVille Go Skating Quest

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 1: Part 1

Mission: Approach companions for 7 Ice Skating Shoes (ask for )

Harvest 60 Blue Daisy

Information: 6 hours to develop and harvest.

Journey Handicap: 60 – 54 = 6 add up to gather.

Create 3 Floral Perfumes


Skateboarding PuppySkateboarding Puppy, 125 xp, 2500 coins


FarmVille Go Skating Quest 2: Part 2

Mission: Approach companions for 8 Roller Wheels

Harvest 90 Cranberry

Data: 10 hours to develop and harvest.

Journey Handicap: 90 – 81 = 9 add up to gather.

Create 3 Berry Burst Pies


Book of XP1 Book of XP, 150 xp, 3000 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 3: Part 3

Mission: Approach companions for 9 Skating Shoe Blades

Harvest 120 Rice

Information: 12 hours to develop and harvest. (Jasmin Rice (8 hours) of Jade Falls will likewise check.)

Mission Handicap: 120 – 108 = 12 add up to reap.

Create 3 Root Beers


Turbo Charger3 packs of Turbo Charger, 175 xp, 3500 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 4: Part 4

Mission: Approach companions for 10 Blade Sharpener

Harvest 150 Spinach

Information: 14 hours to develop and harvest.

Mission Handicap: 150 – 135 = 15 add up to reap.

Make 2 Verdant Tarts


Ice Skating GnomesIce Skating Gnomes, 200 xp, 4000 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 5: Part 5

Mission:  Approach companions for 10 Marking Cones

Harvest 180 Wheels Berries

Data: 1 day to develop and harvest.

Journey Handicap: 180 – 162 = 18 add up to reap.

Create 2 Organic Very Berry Gelatins


Unwither1 Unwither, 225 xp, 4500 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 6: Part 6

Mission:  Approach companions for 11 Skating Leotards

Harvest 180 Plum Blossom

Data: 1 day to develop and harvest.

Journey Handicap: 180 – 162 = 18 add up to reap.

Create 2 Devotion Perfumes 


Super Fertilizer1 Super Fertilizer, 250 xp, 5000 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 7: Part 7

Mission: Approach companions for 12 Light-up Rollerblades

Harvest 200 Squirting Sunflower

Data: 1 day to develop and harvest.

Journey Handicap: 200 – 180 = 20 add up to gather.

Create 2 Petal Sachets 


Skating RinkSkating Rink, 275 xp, 5500 coins

FarmVille Go Skating Quest 8: Part 8

Mission: Approach companions for 13 Skating Helmet

Harvest 220 Bell Pepper

Data: 2 days to develop and harvest. (Blasting Pepper (Holiday Lights) or Red Pepper (2 hours) will likewise number.)

Journey Handicap: 220 – 198 = 22 add up to collect.

Create 2 Spicy Tomato Juices 


Instagrow1 Instagrow, 300 xp, 6000 coins


FarmVille Go Skating Quest 9: Part 9

Mission: Approach companions for 14 Skateboard

Harvest 240 Wheels Berries

Information: 1 day to develop and harvest.

Mission Handicap: HERE

Make 2 Vegetable Tarts


Rollerblading UnicornRollerblading Unicorn, 325 xp, 6500 coins


Total number of bushels that will be used:

Asparagus Bushel x4

Basil Bushel x4

Blueberry Bushel x33

Broccoli Bushel x2

Brussel Sprouts Bushel x8

Carrots Bushel x6

Dandelions Bushel x9

Grape Bushel x2

Green Bean Bushel x8

Iris Bushel x2

Licorice Bushel x9

Lilac Bushel x6

Morning Glory Bushel x12

Peas Bushel x2

Pepper Bushel x4

Peppermint Bushel x9

Raspberry Bushel x15

Strawberry Bushel x9

Sunflower Bushel x4

Tomato Bushel x6

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