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Forma 8 – Releasing soon

Forma 8 – Releasing soon

In a removed future, the little investigation test forma.8 is stranded alone on the surface of an outsider planet. He made tracks in an opposite direction from his associates by a unintentional occasion and has a last chance mission to achieve: he needs to discover and recoup an intense vitality source profound under the surface before its past the point of no return. Antiquated civilizations, incredible hazards and tragic dreams anticipates him, and not all that matters is as it appears…

Coasting effortlessly in mid air, with a control framework that expects to give the player a genuine feeling of flying, our little legend forma.8 begins with no powers, no weapons and no insights of what to do and where to go: its dependent upon the player to investigate the planet, manage its regularly unfriendly occupants, and gradually uncover the story.
 There’s no verbal correspondence in the diversion, everything is passed on to the player just with pictures and sounds. An one of a kind blend of hand drawn vector illustrations and 3d components breathes new life into the universe of forma.8 with a clean and dynamic look, while the completely material science based connection with nature and the planet odd fauna offers surprising turns to the gameplay.

forma 8

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