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Great Edo of Nippon – Releasing soon

Great Edo of Nippon – Releasing soon

A downloadable range and diversion in the virtual universe of PlayStation Home.

Edo is a tranquil city. There is, in any case, another Edo that you have yet to see. This other world is fundamentally the same to the Edo you know, yet terrible Mononoke (underhanded and naughty spirits, for example, Oni and Hitodama, meander the boulevards. Samurai may tackle this mission alone or fight in a gathering, and can utilize the free bamboo sword or buy all the more effective weapons and shield. In the battle against the Mononoke you can assault, shield, squat, and bounce. Make sure to make full utilization of these different activities. Use vertical cuts, side cuts, and different assaults against the Mononoke. Acknowledge the mission objectives and obliterate the Mononoke!

Great edo of nippon

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