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Homefront The Revolution – Releasing soon

Homefront The Revolution – Releasing soon

Homefront: The Revolution drops you into a world where the United States has been possessed for a long time. Inundate yourself in high-stakes gameplay where you must lead the resistance development in strategic guerrilla fighting against a prevalent North Korean military power.

A living, breathing, open world reacts to your activities – you and your resistance cell can move a disobedience in the city and be the power that has the basic effect in the war, transforming occupation into upset as mistreated regular citizens take up the battle. Anyway, your foe has the point of interest – prevalent innovation, capability, overwhelming reinforcement and air support. You must take in the craft of guerrilla fighting – trap, harm, penetration, misleading – and battle a running fight through the war-assaulted rural areas of a possessed Philadelphia.

homefront the revolution

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