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How to play Diamond Dash ?

Diamond Dash

Everybody on Social Networks like Facebook & Google+ knows the name of this amazing game Diamond Dash. Diamond Dash is a riddle game like Tetris or Bejeweled with almost 2.4 millions daily active users & 50 millions monthly active users. Also, they have over 11 Millions fans on their Facebook page, which clearly shows the popularity of this game among Social Network Users.

Now we talk about “How to play?”

diamond dash

The player has to clear same colored diamonds as quick as possible in a specified time in order to crack the high score. You can level up in doing so.
You have to align three or more same colored diamonds as quick as possible in order to make them disappear. Cleared diamonds are replaced from the top. The aim of the game is to clear the most diamonds as possible in order to collect the most points. A session lasts one minute. You can consecutively play five times, after this you must wait for a certain time. Power ups make the diamonds clearing faster so that you can obtain more points. You can share your score with your friends through a high score list. The points are reported on an account after each attempt, so that you can level up.

This game is also belong to Wooga and one of the largest game in their network.

To explore more details regarding this game you can open youtube & write Diamond Dash in search bar, there are above 1000+ tutorial regarding this game, which are genuinely shared by Diamond Dash fans.

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