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Legend of Kay – Releasing soon

Legend of Kay – Releasing soon

From the times of the PlayStation 2, this downloadable amusement permits you to play the excellent unique on perfect PlayStation diversion frameworks.

Legend of Kay embarks to take the player on an excursion which joins fantastic Jump and Run components with an immersive story driven enterprise. For eras the tranquil felines have lived on the legendary island Peng-Lai in the Chinese ocean, together with numerous different creatures. Kay, the feline saint of this amusement, is an understudy in hand to hand fighting. He was rehearsing in his bosses Dojo when head Shun ruler of the relentless gorillas – assaulted his home and unstuck the feline township. On a mission to ensure his colleagues, Kay starts an astounding excursion which takes him over the tremendous island of Peng-Lai. Continuously, he starts to disentangle the fantastic mystery that lies covered up in the fountain of liquid magma post of sovereign Shun.

legend of kay

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