Monster World – 3x wands Free – 30th Jan

Monster World – Gift Free

Hi everyone, Today is 30th Jan and you know what happened on that day, Northern Ireland 1924 Northern Ireland Civil Rights Demonstrators Jan. 30th, 1924 : Northern Ireland Civil Rights demonstrators were gunned down on this day in 1924. They were shot by British Army Paratroopers.
There were 13 demonstrators in all that last their lives for the Catholic cause in this locality (Northern Ireland). The marchers were in protest of certain British policies concerning the internment (holding) of alleged Irish nationalists. (Nationalists are citizens of a country fighting for independence.)
This was one event of many that happened during the time of this Northern Ireland crisis. This particular conflict had continued for a few decades after this. The climax of this particular Irish crisis occurred in 1969, which was when British troops were sent to this location (Ireland) in an attempt to squelch the nationalist movement.
Peace agreements between the British and Northern Ireland did not actually occurred until the late 1990s. Part of the peace agreement included the dissolution (discontinuation) of the IRA.

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monster w

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