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Moon Chronicles Episode 2 – Releasing soon

Moon Chronicles Episode 2 – Releasing soon

Remade from the beginning to exploit the Nintendo 3DS, Moon Chronicles conveys a barometrical first-individual science fiction experience with upgraded design and natural touch screen controls for a genuinely immersive experience. Join Major Kane on a puzzling mission to Earth’s moon to explore an interesting lid of obscure inception. With every new scene you are conveyed one stage closer to comprehension the mysteries that lie underneath the surface of the moon.

In Unknown Source, Episode 2 of Moon Chronicles, Major Kane enters the second incubate to find some shocking truths, and is reached by a puzzling “obscure source”. Get new outsider weaponry, experience new supervisor situations, and cross moon surface in LOLA-RR10 “moon surrey” in this second part of Moon Chronicles. Additionally included is Bonus Mission #2: Tsukigami’s VR Training. Made by Captain Tsukigami to copy the practices of outsider hostiles, this mission helps you culminate your abilities while giving some exceptional first-individual shooter activity.

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