Pearl's Peril

Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free – 10th Feburary 2015

Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free

Howdy everybody, Today is 10th Feb 2015 and you recognize what happened on that day,U.S. 1937 U.S.A. Plane Crash Feb. 10th, 1937 : The United Airlines Transport Plane was dredged up about 14 hours after it had sunk into the San Francisco Bay. A total of 11 occupants were on board this ship before it went down.
The cause of the crash was not yet known at this time, and it was expected that experts would never really know for sure. Weather conditions were perfect, but this was the fourth tragedy that had occurred during this winter.
Moreover, the pilot of this plane had millions of miles of flying experience under his belt as well. One theory suggests that the pilot had dipped too low when circling for the landing and the undercurrent had pulled the plan under.
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