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Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free – 23rd Feburary 2015

Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free

Howdy everybody, Today is 23rd Feb 2015 and you recognize what happened on that day,U.S. 1924 U.S.A. Abilene Christian College Feb. 23rd, 1924 : Abilene Christian College in Texas was able to pay off a bonded debt, which totaled approximately 230,000 including additional debt feeds. This achievement was largely made possible by Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hardin, who had donated about $160,000. The Hardin are an elderly couple who have spend a quite a bit of their fortune aiding various non-profit and religious pursuits. A substantial percentage of their donations went to various colleges, such as the one mentioned in this entry. Many churches in dept also had received help by way of the Hardin’s Family fortune. The wealth accumulated by this family used for philanthropist (non-profit, charity) pursuits at this time was earned during the time of the Electra and Burkburnett oil discoveries.

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