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Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free – 6th April 2015

Pearl’s Peril – Coins Free

Howdy everybody, Today is 6th April 2015 and you recognize what happened on that day, 6th April 2006 : The National Geographic Society has revealed the gospel of Judas Iscariot, even though the story’s authentication, conservation, and translation cannot confirmed. The papyrus codex, which is believed to have been translated from the original Greek to the Coptic script was found in a cave near El Minya, Egypt. It has been moved from Egypt to Europe to the United States in search of a verification. Kept in a safe deposit box on Long Island, New York for many years, it was bought in 2000 by a Zurich-based antiquities dealer. Now in the Maecenas Foundation for Ancient Art in Switzerland, the document will be donated to the government of Egypt, and be housed in the Coptic museum in Cairo.

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Pearl's Peril - Coins Free -  10th  March  2015

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