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Pearl’s Peril – Klaus Reber

Pearl’s Peril – Klaus Reber

Hi everyone, Today is 13th Feb and you know what happened on that day, 1937 U.S.A. Alabama 2% Sales Tax Feb. 13th, 1937 : Two percent sales tax was passed by the Alabama Senate on this day. It had received a 17 to 15 vote by the Senate, and was expected to be reviewed a second time by the House, which had passed the bill last week. Changes were made by the Senate before the bill was passed, which is the main reason why the House is expected to review it again. One of the changes made by the Senate was the levy of one half of one percent of a tax on new automobiles, and another was on mail order purchases outside the state.

Klaus is clever, solid and dangerously sharp… also those are just a couple of reasons why he is an awesome Interpol specialists. Be that as it may what truly persuaded Pearl to collaborate with him is his consideration and trustworthiness. Do you know where both of them met?

Pearl's Peril - Klaus Reber

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