Pearl's Peril

Pearl’s Peril – lucky fan as the Player of the Month

Pearl’s Peril -lucky fan as the Player of the Month

Hello Everyone hope you all are lovely, today is 9th Feb and you know what was special on that day, Turkey 2008 Turkey Turkey eases the use of headscarves 9th February, 2008 : Turkey’s parliament has approved the two constitutional amendments that will ease the ban on women wearing Islamic headscarves in universities. This has been a divisive issue in Turkey, where the state is supposed to be secular. The government has said that the ban would mean that many girls were denied an education, but the secular establishment see this as a first step to allowing a more prominent Islamic influence on the state. This has been the final vote on it, in which lawmakers voted 411-103 in favour of the constitutional amendments that will allow equal treatment from state institutions and ‘no one can be deprived of (his or her) right to higher education.’

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Must say congratulations to Paulette.

Pearl's Peril -lucky fan as the Player of the Month

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