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Pearl’s Peril – Pieces of today’s Daily Puzzle

Pearl’s Peril – Pieces of today’s Daily Puzzle

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U.S. 1937 U.S.A. Modern 30s Women Feb. 27th, 1937 : A new modern type of woman was introduced during the 1920’s and 1930s. These women spent more time with their hair and makeup than times past, according to one pastor. Willis warned that the 20th Century woman spends more time at the card table than she does “at the kitchen stove”. Willis further explained that this type of woman may not know very well how to flip a “flapjack” (pancake) without the grease splattering all over the house. Bishop Willis also said that women want to leave “obey” out of the marriage ceremony. Likewise, he said the following: “Yes these giddy-headed shallow-brained twentieth century flappers go around wanting God’s plan for the household changed…listen to me, my girl, if you do not want to obey that man, then stay single and get a job bossing a section gang, for you will never make the right kind of wife and mother.” Bishop J. Willis strongly advocated the mother and father roles of times past, what was considered “traditional” before this time. He also commented that more people these days know more about the suggestive jazz songs of today than the words of the Psalms of King David.


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Pearl's Peril - Pieces of today's Daily Puzzle

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