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Pearl’s Peril – Strategy Guide about gifts – 28th March 2015

Pearl’s Peril – Strategy Guide about gifts


pearl's Peril gift

COINS: As a prize, coins are gotten for playing scenes and can likewise be gathered from structures. Coins are utilized to purchase buildings and decors.


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CASH: Cash is the diversion’s hard component, you can just get it by acquiring it with genuine cash.


p.p energy

ENERGY: Energy is the thing that you have to play scenes. Every scene play costs 1 energy point. You can get more energy by approaching companions or sitting tight for the energy bar to renew itself (max 5 energy focuses.). Each point of energy takes 20 minutes to replenish.



The Shop: The Shop is partitioned into 4 classifications, for example, Paths and Rivers, Decorations, Buildings and Energy. Despite the fact that Paths, Rivers and Decorations needn’t bother with materials to be manufactured, yet they yield less renown focuses than structures. All items in the shop are open once you assemble the measure of identifications demonstrated on every thing. All articles can be obtained with coins (acquired by playing scenes). The energy at the shop must be purchased with cash.


Pearl’s Peril Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Question: How to Get Free Energy?

Ans: For getting free energy, you can click on the little tab beneath the energy bar and send a energy appeal to all your facebook contacts. Sadly, you can’t channel individuals who really play Pearl’s Peril than the individuals who don’t.

Question: Tell about Cheats or Hacks to Unlock Scenes or get free Prestige Points?

Ans: Unfortunately, it is extremely unlikely or strategy around to open scenes than social affair enough renown, and glory can’t be increased falsely through any hack or trick. Keep in mind not to get tricked by fake hacking apparatuses.

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