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Persona 4 Dancing All Night – Releasing soon

Persona 4 Dancing All Night – Releasing soon

Crazy Student isn’t sufficiently loco to make something happen with Rise and whatever remains of the Persona 4 group in Persona 4: Dancing All Night for the PlayStation®Vita handheld diversion framework. The mid year taking after the occasions in Persona 4 sees Rise come back to Inaba in the wake of spending the late spring back in her previous lifestyle as a symbol. In the wake of listening to bits of gossip about the Midnight Stage, she checks a certain site at midnight and sees a puzzling film clasp and, you got it, winds up on the “other side.” Worse yet, she figures out her lesser icon peers from the gathering Kanamin Kitchen are lost also. She must choose the option to send a SOS to the Investigation Team to help save the missing icons.

Not even Riddle-senpai could have seen this turn nearing: Normal fight strategies don’t conflict with the Shadows on the Midnight Stage, yet moving does! Rise, the Protagonist, and whatever is left of the Investigation Team will need to move their approach to triumph. 30 heartbeat pounding tracks make up the new Persona Sound in this cadence based activity amusement. P4DAN is made in a joint effort with Dingo Inc., the organization behind Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA

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