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PUBG Trick#4 Hide on The Water Tank

PUBG Trick Hide on The Water Tank


Hello, Everyone today i am going to tell you about pubg Secret Trick. This Trick is very helpful for you to kill enemies without knowing them who’s the killer. This trick only works in Erangle Map in Mylta Power.

so lets start

There is a building in Metapower. May Friends Know? Many enemies landed on it. Some enemies standing on it. Hit them. You can also hide himself and kill the enemies.

To apply the trick, Follow these steps

Step 01:

Go on the top of the building from there you can see the water tank.

Step 02:

Now you have to jump on it from the building’s corner.

Step 03:

Just take step back and run fast and jump from the corner of the building when you jump make sure your will see      downwards so it makes your jump bit longer.

Now you can easily kill enemies from the top of the tank and easily hide yourself so make sure you follow our all steps.

Watch video guide

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