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Q bert Rebooted – Releasing soon

Q bert Rebooted – Releasing soon

Q*bert Rebooted presents the dearest feature diversion mascot to an entire new era with hexagon level outlines, new power-ups, new traps, and that’s just the beginning. This rendition of Q*bert highlights two diversions: the Classic pixel idealize 2D structure, and the rethought Rebooted variant with cutting edge 3D amusement play and design that stay unwavering to the first idea. Both renditions are energizing jerk amusements obliging sharp perplex unraveling aptitudes and rationale.

Q*bert Classic stays consistent with the first in all its barbed 2D pixel craftsmanship greatness. As the title grawlix-heaving character, players hop around an isometric shape pyramid and change over each square’s shading while keeping away from recognizable enemies Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam, Wrong Way and Red Ball. Levels turn out to be dynamically harder with more adversaries obstructing your way and the tiles obliging different bounced to change to the obliged shading.

The Rebooted mode takes the arcade exemplary and launches it into the 21st Century 3D amusement play that exploits today’s advancements yet stays loyal to the first Q*bert. Highlighting hexagonal squares rather than squares, Q*bert Rebooted presents new foes, playable characters, force ups, traps, jewel gathering, numerous characters, downloadable substance and better approaches to play.

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