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Royal Story – Free Claim 6 Raspberry Coins – 9th jan

Royal Story – Free Claim 6 Raspberry Coins – 9th jan


The headmaster has come to see if Bert is old enough to start school. To prove it, the Headmaster has a test for him. Will Bert pass the test and be enrolled right away? Play the 4th Biography Quest of Bert for free now to find out, before the timer ends!

Today we have a new leading game Royal Story one of the most popular social game, today we have its free gift so you can grab your gift from below image so do share this post with your lovely friends and family, As you know it very difficult to find this game gift.

Lux and Roary want to thank everyone in the Kingdom for saving them from the Darkness!
That’s why they are giving you free 5 Humble Hearts!
This is only the beginning, stay with us to know what’s going to happen next!

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