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Wooga – So what’s new at Wooga?

Wooga – So what’s new at Wooga?

Wooga is one of numerous social-diversion organizations attempting to break into portable. In the previous eight weeks, it discovered its way with Jelly Splash, a shading tile coordinating diversion with more than 10 million downloads in eight weeks on iOS.

Jens Begemann, CEO of Berlin-based Wooga, discussed the amount of exertion went into making Jelly Splash — dispatching today on Android — which has some special riffs on amusements like Candy Crush Saga, Bejeweled, and Dots.

We sat down with Begemann for a meeting in San Francisco a week ago. Here is a transcript of our discuss.

Jens Begemann :

We launched a game eight weeks ago, Jelly Splash. It reached number one on the free charts at the App Store for a number of days. It’s now a top-20 grossing game in the U.S. and a dozen other countries. It’s continuing to grow fast. We’re over 10 million downloads now. We’ve also recently launched it on Facebook, and on Monday we’re launching on Android.

How long did you work on that one?


That was approximately a year. It’s generally straightforward gameplay, however these basic recreations — simple to learn, hard to ace — those are the most hard to tune. It has a few similitudes to amusements like Candy Crush Saga. We made this guide in 2010 for a diversion called Bubble Island. At that point, it was assumed control into different amusements.

The gameplay is extremely straightforward. You draw lines and unite these jams, jams of the same shading. … It’s a touch like Dots, yet it’s a level-based amusement, and you can likewise go slantingly. … It’s exceptionally straightforward. You simply play until you have enough focuses. In any case, it turns out to be more unpredictable. In the event that you do a reversal to the guide, you can pick a harder level. … We have more than 180 levels, where the destinations continually change.

It’s turned out to be extremely prominent everywhere throughout the world. We had just an eight-week postponement to get it on iOS, Facebook, and Android, which I believe is much speedier than a great many people have done it, and we’re now at 10 million downloads. It’s certainly our greatest dispatch in this way.

The other thing we’re discussing is our methodology and how we see Wooga. We keep on being beneficial, and we’ve generally multiplied our income every year. Income is as of now 70 percent higher than it was a year ago. The business sector is uniting. It’s significantly more about hits on portable at this point. The key, for us, is to over and again bring out hits. We would prefer just not to do one hit and live off it.

You can ask, then, what’s a hit? How would you characterize a hit? To us, it’s a diversion that does a huge number of dollars in income over its lifetime. We’ve been available for a long time, and by that standard, we’ve had five hits as such. Bubble Island was the first, then Monster World, Diamond Dash, Pearl’s Peril, and now Jelly Splash has not yet crossed that $10 million imprint, but rather it will soon. We’re very content with that.

We will likely make a few more hits each year. We’ve changed our advancement approach a lot.

How many people do you have now?


More than 250 at this point. More. Despite everything we’re developing. We’ve attempted to grow a touch slower. We see that tiny groups are the best approach. We have a couple individuals in administration ranges and overall corporate capacities like PR or promoting or back or client care, however around 200 of those work in the amusement groups. We have 20 diverse amusement groups. Some of those are little, perhaps three individuals prototyping something, and some are greater. Be that as it may, they’re little groups where everybody has a major effect.

We keep on developing the headcount, however we would prefer not to become insanely. We trust that little groups of the right individuals speak to the most ideal approach to go.

Wooga - So what's new at Wooga

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